Frugal Living #7 – If you did not need to work 40 hours a week what would you do with your time?

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If you did not need to work 40 hours a week what would you do with your time?
In this article

Discover the Secret to getting the most out of every dollar

Discover the Secrets to making more money by working less hours

When you work a 40 hour a week Job you know exactly how much you are going to make don’t you?

There was a study that was done with executive from big high end companies. This study found that they executives engaged in only 90 min of productive activity.

Think you are different; think again another study found that you get 80% of your productive activity at work in only 20% of your working time.

A story from told of a gentleman who needs to free up some time so he went to his boss and asked him what he needed to do in order to become more productive so he could work less hours?

As you notice he did not ask for a decrease in work hours he asked what he needed to do in order to become more productive so he could work more hours.

After a few months he was getting paid almost double what he was making work 8 hours because now he accomplished more in only a couple than what most accomplish working all day.

There are 2 types of income the first type of income is when you exchange time for money. This is what you do in a job or in a labor type of business.

Then there is the income that is generated by providing a product or service which is what would happen in sales in marketing.

Just like when you work a 40 hour a week job you know exactly how much you are going to make the same thing is true in sales and marketing.

There is a mathematical formula to writing your own check. In a job you might work 40 hours X 15.00 = $600 before taxes.

W. Clemet Stone used this mathematical formula in order to make a Million dollars a year during the Great Depression.

Today people are talking about that there are no job the Great Depression was much worse.

Instead of struggling to find a job he sold life insurance. You may feel that it would be hard to sell life insurance when things are good let alone during the Great Depression.

Now 1 thing I want clear up is the difference between sales and marketing. Sales is dependent on a person’s own person sales ability where marketing is a system of sell it is not you who is doing the selling but your selling system.

Take for instance Dani Johnson who we spoke about earlier. She started out homeless living out of her car and started a business while homeless and she used fliers as her selling system and within her very first 10 hours she made 25 sales.

First of all where does a homeless woman come up with the capital to start her own business? Second how did she make 25 sales within only her first 10 hours in business?

She did this by using the same mathematical formula that W. Clemet Stone used to make a million dollars a year during the great depression. Dani Johnson used it to make $2,000 in only 10 hours.

She was homeless she needed an apartment she. The repo man was also looking for her so they could repo her car she needed to make a lot of money FAST.

She had a income goal of $2,000 she was making $80 per sale from her product, she divides $2000 / $80 = 25 sales so she needs 25 sales at $80 each to make $2,000.

The question is how does she make 25 sales? Frank Kern of Penn Island Studio says when you use direct response advertising you will sell at least 1 out of every 200 people you expose to your marketing message.

Dani Johnson used fliers but the same thing is true online. Dani Jonson needed to expose 5,000 people to her marketing message.

As we said that was worse case scenario but it did not take her even close to that amount.

The average person I talk to wants on average of $500 per week. So you would be willing to work 40 hours for $500. Dani Johnson worked 10 hours for $2,000 if you worked 40 hours with these same results that would give you $8,000 a week.

I have provided you with the mathematical formula below to writing your own check.

Income Goal =$2,000
Profit Per sale $80
$2000 / $80 = 25 sales
x 200 marketing exposure = 5,000 flyers

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P.S If you dd not need to work 40 hours a week what would you do with your time click here

Chris Brown

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